Build Your Own Engagement Ring

"Can I design my own engagement Ring"?

Now you CAN build your own engagement ring! Many wonderful sites provide a neat way of designing your own ring from scratch. You will have to choose a diamond (or other gem), the cut of the stone, and a setting. Through the "magic" of the internet, they can actually show you a computer simulation of what the ring would look like.

Be careful before laying the money out, however. You want to be sure of the site's reputation, return policy and assurance that you get the quality of the ring promised.

I suggest you play around with several of these programs, make note of the diamond's size and quality and send the sketch off for bids to several Master Jeweler's for a private bid.

If there is a huge discrepancy, be aware that it might not be legitimate.

What is a Master Jeweler?

The United States Jewelers of America offer four different letters of certification. Each level is completed with both by giving both written and bench tests. Bench tests are hands on activities that the every jeweler must complete to be awarded certification. The fourth and top level of certification is the Certified Master Bench Jeweler (CMBJ).

Not all jewelry stores employ Master Jewelers. They may send work out, therefore adding a price (their commission) to the fee that the Master Jeweler charges. That's why it is better to deal with the Master Jeweler directly.

Services your master jeweler may provide:

  • Resetting of loose stones
  • Jewelry Appraisals
  • Precious Metal Repair
  • Jewelry Cleaning
  • Custom Jewelry Design
  • Setting of precious Stones
  • Redesigning old jewelry

    So How Can I Get Started?

    Click on any of the links below to find a "Build Your Own Engagment Ring" program:

    More Questions on Designing Your Own Ring?

    Be sure to go to the professionals after you build your own engagement ring design! Educate yourself first on how gems are graded and priced, the differences between ring settings and the precious metals used and the cost of quality craftsmanship.

    Check out the Diamond Buying Guide BEFORE laying out that hard earned cash!

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