Flowering Bubble Bowls

Flower bubble bowls is easy once you have your grid in place. Simply begin inserting your flowers into the grid, resting the flower head on the side of the bowl.

Place another flower opposite the first, again placing the flower in the taped grid.

Place the next flower crossing the first two stems.

Complete the pattern, inserting the fourth stem. Between all these stems and the grid, you should begin to have a network of crossed stems in the bowl.

Between the stems already in the bowl and the taped grid, you should be able to support the insertion of a flower directly down the center of the bowl. Make this one with a longer stem.

The stems begin to interlock themselves, making a tighter and tighter network of flowers that will stay in place.

I suggest you insert all of one variety of flowers before beginning with the next. That way you will evenly disperse your flowers into the arrangement. Now you can see I've begun to place miniature calla lilies into the design, again inserting the stems into the grid at an angle.

Continue placing flowers until you have enough of a mass to hide any mechanics of the design (including the grid). Once you are finished, the bowl should have enough flowers in it that the design remains stable and doesn't shift or move.

See alternatives to gridding if you'd like a faster way to design this type of bowl.

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