Alternatives to Gridding a Bubble Bowl

Bubble bowl centerpieces must have a support network to hold the flowers in place. You can grid the bowl with clear tape or use one of the alternatives below. Holding the flowers in place is the biggest challenge. If you don't want to use a grid, florists use other methods as well. One of the easiest is to use a wire flower collar by Oasis. This collar comes in many different colors and can add interest on the inside of the design.

As you can see below, this silver wire collar is ready to use.

Simply place it in the bottom of the bowl for a lovely way to hold the flower stems in place.

If you wish, the wire collar can be pulled open gently to fill the entire bowl, or simply lie on the bottom as shown. Insert your flowers in a criss-cross pattern to interlock the stems.

Another alternative is to insert ANOTHER clear cylinder bowl, which is virtually invisible, to hold your hand-tied bouquet. You can then fill the bowl with something decorative, such as candy (shown below), colored rock, pebbles, clear marbles, etc.

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