Bubble Bowl Designing

Bubble bowl designing can be a little tricky, since the shape makes it difficult to start an arrangement in. Florists use several different techniques to how flowers securely in a fish bowl. Demonstrated below are step by step photographs of gridding a vase.

Although green pot tape is shown in the pictures for easy visual guides, professionals use a narrow, clear tape that is virtually invisible when you are finished with the design. This is the type of tape you'll want to use with clear or colored glass.

Start with a clean bowl. Fill with water treated with a fresh flower food. It is advisable to use a flower food that remains clear. Some powders when mixed leaves a cloudy look to the water. There's nothing wrong with it, except the look isn't as desirable. Note - you can prepare these vases ahead of time and have them filled with water and gridded, ready for flowers days before they are delivered. Saves time in the days before a wedding!

It is advisable to place the water FIRST, so you can dry the rim of the bowl and the tape stays secure.

Begin close to one edge, taping a straight line across the bubble bowl.

Continue to add more (clear) tape as shown.

Complete a cross grid by taping in the same manner ACROSS the top of the bowl - thus crossing the tape strips you have already put in place.

Now you have a completely gridded bowl, ready to insert flowers.

Photos of Flowered Bubble Bowl Centerpieces . . .

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