Bubble Bowl Centerpiece Ideas

The bubble bowl centerpiece ideas below will get you "thinking out of the box". Why settle for a few candles floating in water when these bowls can be made up in so many gorgeous different ways?

The "power of one"! Use the smaller bubble bowls with a big impact by raising them up on a elevation of some kind. Here, two simple boards have been cut and notched to create a lovely stand for this tiny bowl.

Use decorative grasses or wire creatively to create a framework for small bubble bowls.

Use it as a fishbowl - LITERALLY! Nestled in a design ring, this bowl actually boasts really goldfish. Be sure to follow all directions to the letter from the pet store so you don't have any "floating fish"!

Place a clear cylinder vase INSIDE the fishbowl - and fill the outer bowl with design rock, candy or other decorative items.

Covering a Oasis ring with masses of carnations gives beautiful impact to your floating candles - whatever color you may choose!

Create a lovely design in the bowl. Be sure to check out how to grid a bowl for easy designing tips!

You can see what a stunning arrangement this simple container can turn into with a little color.

How about designing INSIDE the container? You can either submerge under water for an unusual effect or simply lay the flowers down in the bottom of the bowl.

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