Bridal Shower Printable Games

With bridal shower printable games, it will be necessary to provide the game (which has been reproduced on the computer or copier) and a pencil. These games can include scrambled words, listing what the bride is wearing, bingo, and other word games.

Wedding Word Scramble

This game is simple. Scramble words that have to do with getting married and give the guests only so much time to unscramble the words. Use words like these:

You can throw in some zingers such as Hawaii (your bride's honeymoon destination) or their names - or mix up the last name. Thus, Mrs. John Smithison would be mjs mshih roionsnt

Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo is another well known game. Print off sheets similar to regular Bingo Games. Fill in center as Free. Let the others blank.

Have the guests fill in the blanks with items they they guess she will open, such as towels, picture frame, candles, baking sheet, etc.

The guests mark these off as the gifts are opened - shouting "Bridal Bingo!" when they get a straight or diagonal line filled in.

To use this Bingo game, right click and paste into a picture program or Word and print out. View before printing to see if you want to resize.

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