Bridal Shower Gift Basket Theme

Challenge your guests to each make a unique bridal shower gift basket. It's amazing the lovely ideas that people can come up with. Offer a prize to the most unique basket presented.

Romantic baskets can include wine, glasses and bath towels for two!

Luxurious spa baskets can include scented candles, rubbing stones, relaxing CD's, books on how to massage your partner and more.

How about a picnic for two? A plaid tablecloth, homemade bread, a bottle of wine and a basket complete with tableware would always be a delightful gift.

Who says a basket has to be wicker? Any bride-to-be would be excited to received a laundry basket filled with towels, cleaning detergents, stain removal items and more.

Other ideas include baskets filled with games, gardening items, a night at the movies (with DVD's and popcorn!), a romantic dinner for two, and filled with candy for the chocoholics! Wander thru your local discount store and ideas will come fast and furious.

Make sure your shower games include baskets, both for playing out of, to hold centerpieces, and as gifts to be won!

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