Bridal Shower Games Ideas

Think of ways to adapt the bridal shower games ideas below. You can make them more personal by adjusting them to fit the shower theme you are hosting.

Guess How Many Pieces

This simple game concept has been around a long time. Fill a decorative jar with pieces of candy, mints, etc. Count them carefully and record the number somewhere. Allow all the guests to write down their closest guess as to how many the jar contains. The closest wins a prize. (Perhaps even the candy jar could be the prize!)

A new twist on this old favorite could be to match it with the shower theme , such as bath beads for a Spa Theme or elbow macaroni for a kitchen theme.

Purse Shower Game

Create a list of common items (and not so common) that women are known to carry in their purse. Assign point values to each - higher values for more unusual items.

Here is a list to get you started:

    Coins of all kinds
    Paper bills
    Keys (so many points for each key
    Lipstick or lip balm
    nail file
    Photos of family members (give high awards for pics of husbands!
    Shopping List . . . The possibilities are endless!

That is kind of a reward for the most. Then finish up with another prize - to the lady with the SMALLEST PURSE! You could bring a kitchen or postage scales and weight each purse and award prizes for the heaviest or lightest.

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