Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Wow! Even MORE bridal shower food ideas. Wilton has been busy creating more and more recipes for you to use at weddings, showers, parties and more!

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Dainty cheese tortes that look so beautiful you'll hate to eat them . . .but go ahead anyway!

I'll bet you've never seen sandwiches like this before at any shower you've been to. They are gorgeous and are lovely on the food table presentation.

Tasty dip served in a hollowed out red or green pepper for an "extra" zing of flavor.

Twice baked potatoes that are super yummy and easy to make.

Have you ever seen deviled eggs look so beautiful?

These flavorful crackers will have your guests begging for more.

A tasty cheese spread presented beautifully on Wilton's dessert tree and piped onto the crackers with a Dessert Decorator Max.

Although this is molded in a Poinsettia pan, it would work just as well as a spring flower mold.

Photos courtesy Wilton. All rights reserved.

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