Bridal Shower Etiquette

Practicing good bridal shower etiquette is just plain good manners. This is the one pre-wedding event that the guests are clearly expecting to bring gifts. The price of the gift is not required to be a certain amount - and it should NEVER be suggested the it has to be a "minimum"!

Bridal Shower Invitations

Some general guidelines to remember about shower invitations:

    If there is a theme to the shower, be sure to make note of it on the invitation. Otherwise, some guest may be embarrassed by not bringing the right type of gift.

    For specific themes that enhance the couples' decor (such as bath or bedroom) be sure to note preferred colors ON AN INSERT. Don't write it straight on the invitation.

    Registry information should always be included on a separate sheet - not on the invitation itself.

Gift Giving

Giving a gift as a group enables a larger purchase without too much of a burden on any one individual. No one should be forced to give if they don't desire to. If someone contributes to a large pool gift, then no other gift is expected from them.

Opening the gifts should be done after refreshments are served. Be sure that everyone in the room can hear - both a description of the give and the bride's verbal "thank you". If it's going to be hard to hear - then provide the bride with a microphone so ALL the guests can share in the fun.

Someone should be jotting down notes of each gift description and who it was received from. Cards CAN get lost and separated from the package.

It would be nice to either pass around the gifts so everyone can see what was given or create a display table that they can go and admire the gifts.

Saying "Thank You"

Basic bridal shower etiquette means that thank you notes should be promptly send for each shower gift - including the ones given even when the giver was unable to attend. It is NOT enough just to smile and say "thank you" at the shower.

Please don't ask guests to fill out their own thank you card envelopes. This is considered bad taste and indicates an unwillingness on the part of the bride to give a personal thank you.

The bride should always respond with a "thank you" gesture to the givers of the shower. Flowers, a personal gift or a basket of goodies is a good way to express your thanks.

Always follow up with a verbal thank you as well as one sent with the gift.

The last no-no is to invite the same person to more than one shower. This can get to be a little burdensome financial wise and looks like you're just trying to score another gift!

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