Bridal Shower Decorations

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Lovely bridal shower decorations can serve two purposes - as a centerpiece and as a gift won by your lucky guests after playing games.

Choose decorations that are easy to make, yet lovely to look at.

Create fast and easy wreaths by using Oasis rings , design rings , or large wreath base . Arrange flowers in a clay terra cotta pot. (Be sure to include a liner or it may leak).

Arrange flowers in an inexpensive vase, then slip it into a colored paper bag. Stuff newspaper around the bottom of the inside to keep the vase stationary. You may also drop some gravel in the bottom for weight. Tie a pretty bow around the outside of the bag.

Rows of flowers in a box is the newest thing. Cut sculpting sheets to size to fit in your box. Since there is a Styrofoam sheet on the bottom, merely line with a little plastic wrap around the sides and it will be fine.

Buy watering cans at your local gardening or discount center. They make cute centerpieces . . . an practical gifts for your guests!

Use decorative glass from a dollar store instead of plain bowls for your nuts and candy. Beautiful . . and can fill your wine cupboard later!

Make up a few "mini corsages" using corsage stems to be sure they stay fresh throughout your party.

Using the same corsage stems, tuck a few flower heads here and there in a fruit centerpiece. Yummy eating . . . looks pretty, too!

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved

Wholesale Floral Supplies

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