Bridal Hair Style

A tentative bridal hair style should be discussed your favorite hair stylist. Don't be afraid to take in pictures and experiment ahead of time. It's a good idea to do a "trial run" and actually see how your hair looks and holds up through an active day.

This smooth beauty mounds high in the back, creating a perfect foil for a dainty tiara, and cascades down the back into ringlets held by mouse or hair gel.

A low ponytail sweeps up into an elegant bun, enhanced by a loop of pearls or other jeweled accent.

This bride had hair jewelry, strung on invisible line, woven throughout her hair updo and sweeping down across the crown of her head to be tucked demurely behind her ear.

With her hair drawn back, this bride allowed most of her hair to fall in gentle ringlets to her shoulders. This look borders elegance, with the slight air of rumpled casualness.

This style gives the feel of old world elegance, with finely crimped locks pulled up into a soft mound. Wisps of hair is pulled free and allowed to frame the face with an innocent air. Unruly locks can be managed with a soft - but not sticky - hair gel product.

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