Bridal Flowers

Stylish Wedding Bouquet Designs

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Bridal flowers are a lovely tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether you prefer a traditional cascading bouquet or a funky number that expresses your wild side, take a look at how beautiful they can be when used in an newly redesigned ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder. A water-wicking system is incorporated into the stylish holder, accessed by the removablecap.

Pretty in pink, these bridal flowers are styled with a mixture of hot and light pink roses, white roses and accented with white pearl corsage pins and ribbon.

This bright red bouquet is held in a Gold Metallic Leaf, ELEGANT®Bouquet Holder. Red and white roses are accented with red hypericum berries and clusters of Sisal and Red Bullion Wire.

A gold Metallic Twist ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder holds cheerful two varieties of yellow roses, yellow alstroemeria, green hypericum berries, solidago and crespedia. It is also accented with Gold aluminum wire and silver bullion wire for that extra "jazz".

Peach miniature gerbers and peach roses come alive in this bouquet.Purple spray asters, green hypericum berries along with pink heather and green ivy compliment this lovely Gold Metallic Hammered ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder. How awesome are those extra touches with Apple Green sisal and copper metallic wire. Apple Green corsage pins give that extra punch of color.

Cool lavenders are blended in a sweet cascade held in this Silver Metallic Hammered ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder. Lavender roses, FLORIGENE® purple mini carnations and purple stock are absolutely breathtaking. The "something special" about this bouquet is using bullion Wire of different lengths to gently wrap a cluster of three or four petals to form the flowing cascade.

Delicate copper bullion wire trails over this soft peach rose bouquet in a gold hammered Elegant bouquet holder. Trails of stephanotis are dropped off the bouquet with the same fine wire.

Three different styles are offered in these unique wedding bouquet holders. They come in both silver and gold colors.

What is so cool is the the bouquet houses it's own "wicking" system that is ingenious in that it allows your flowers to "draw up" water like a straw. Simply remove the bottom cap and keep the bouquet in a vase of water until ready to go down the aisle.

Be sure to check out the many different styles of bouquet holders available through my online store. The newest styles include larger heads of Oasis foam, water wicking capabilities and addition colors of green. I like the green holders because so many brides like the option of designing a mock hand tied bouquet. The bouquet looks just like the real thing, except the flowers stay in a water source throughout the entire wedding day. This is a great bonus, especially when you are using flowers that wilt quickly in outdoor temperatures or delicate flowers that suffer without a constant water source.


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