Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

Adding in the Roses

Your bridal bouquet of roses has now taken a definite circular pattern.  You simply need to continue adding roses, angling the stems from the center out.

You may need to shorten the stems of the outer roses (opposite of what you would do with a Belle bouquet holder) in order not to creating a over large bouquet.

These outer roses fill in the blank holes, giving the bouquet a more even look.

This side view makes the bouquet look oval, but if you were to look down from the top of the bouquet it has a definite round shape.

I've now inserted 14 roses, all in a open state.  Note how the top roses face upwards, the middle roses angle outward, and the face of the roses on the outer edge of the bouquet are completely lateral.

This way the bouquet is beautiful from all angles, including sides and top.

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