Bridal Bouquet Making is Easy!

Alstromeria and Rose Bouquet

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You will need the following supplies for this easy bouquet:

30 Alstromeria blooms (around 10-12 stems)

bouquet holder
Sharp knife
Cowee Picks
Bunch of Bear Grass
2 Circus Roses
Floralock Stem Adhesive

I used a Belle bouquet holder when I photographed this demonstration. But since that time Oasis has come out with newer holders that have a built-in self watering handle. It's worth taking a look if you plan to do your flowers in advance, since you can simply pop them into a vase of water and forget about them until you go to the church!

If you use a regular holder like this one, be sure to check and dribble water on the foam, replenishing the supply as the flowers drink up the water.

Secure in a vase or stand, making sure to weight down the vase with gravel or marbles. The bouquet becomes heavy and can topple forward if you don't take care.

Cut all the flower heads off the main flower stem, keeping the lateral stem as long as you can. I began by inserting the alstromeria on the outer rim of the bouquet.

Alstromerias come in a lovely array of colors, including white, pink, lilac, purple, orange and more. It is an inexpensive flower and creates a beautiful bouquet all on it's own!

Continue adding the alstromeria blooms all around the outside edge, thus establishing the final size of this round bouquet.

Fill in the center, keeping the blooms close to one another so to hide the mechanics of the foam.

I usually recommend removing the pollen from lilies, but Alstromeria rarely gives any problem of discoloring hands or fabric. Removal of the stamens up to you and whether or not you like the look of them in the bouquet.

Although I've kept the bouquet monochromatic (all the same color), I did add two large Circus roses in the center for a little contrast in texture and design.

Cowee picks are needed to create a strong stem for bear grass, which is too weak to insert into the foam by itself.

Lay a Cowee pick against the ends of the grass. Use the attached wire to bind the blades to the pick.

Insert the picks deep into the foam, creating a grass loop over the top of the flowers.

Use Floralock Stem Adhesive after the bouquet is finished, to ensure none of the stems slide out of the bouquet later. Bridal bouquet making is more than just simply sticking flowers into foam. Using products like these is what separates professionals from amateurs.

Mist the entire bouquet with Finishing Touch to seal the flower petals against dehydration. Let dry, and store in cool (not cold) refrigerator or in a dark, cooled room.

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