Bridal Bouquet Lily

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A bridal bouquet lily that is very popular is called a "Casa Blanca". This Oriental lily is large, very white and has a heavenly fragrance. If you are ordering these flowers directly from a farm, be sure to get them to your house EARLY! Oriental lilies arrive very tight in the bud stage and take over a week to open fully. If you have them delivered just a day or two before the wedding, you are going to be very disappointed that the flowers aren't open.

This tutorial began by soaking an Elegant bouquet collar in water treated with flower food. I then made a bouquet collar with Oasis Decorative Wire.

The next step was to attach the collar to the holder. With all these steps completed, I am now ready to flower in this bridal bouquet with Casa Blanca lilies.

You should always remove the pollen from the blooms. This is easier to do before the stamens become mature (fuzzy and bright yellow). If you don't remove these, they can stain the flower, your dresses, carpeting and more.

Cut the stems to about 1 1/2" long. Insert each lily deep into the foam, so that the head rests right above it.

Handle the flower head gently, pushing from the inside down if you need to. Be careful not to split the flower open or break the petals loose from the stem.

Face the lilies outward around the outside diameter of the bouquet.

You can also grasp the stem with your fingers right under the flower head, helping to push it deep into the Oasis.

Continue to fill in the bouquet, gently crowding the lilies close together so that all the foam is covered and you can't see the mechanics of the bouquet.

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