Bridal Bouquet Jewelry

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Bridal bouquet jewelry adds stunning accents of sparkle and glitz to any bridal bouquet. I added some to this design, using green Lomey Diamante Pins for the button pomps and pink ones for the Gerber daisies.

To shorten these pins, you can cut them with a strong pair of wire cutters and a block of Styrofoam. PLEASE use safety goggles and the foam! The sharp end of the pin can go flying off like shrapnel and severely damage someone in the face or eye if you don't use safety precautions! (Not a fun thing right before your wedding day!)

I bury the pin deep into the Styrofoam and snip right above the foam, so the sharp needle can't go flying across the room. Be sure to safely dispose of the foam with these sharp pin ends in it.

The shortened pins can now be inserted into the center of various flower heads.

I often use Triple Pearl Headed Pins as decorative accents in bridal bouquets. Here I bent them slightly with heavy linesmen pliers, then taped them together with florist tape. If you need to lengthen them, use a Cowee pick.

Note: Triple Pearl Pins have been discontinued by the manufacturer . . . sorry

You can see the Diamante pins adding a sparkle and shine to this bouquet. Unlike rhinestones (which have a foil backing that photographs like black dots), the Diamante pins are clear and give a nice shine to the flowers.

You can also see a hot pink Triple Pearl pin peeking out of the light pink rose on the left side of the bouquet. Subtle accents . . . but oh, so classy!

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