Choosing a Bridal Bouquet Holder

Lomey Luxe Holder

Choosing the correct bouquet holder is an important step when making a bridal bouquet.  I prefer the newer holders by Smither Oasis.  Designed by professional florists, the newer holders have some great features built into their design.

One of the newest holders is the Luxe, which is filled with Max-Life florist foam.  This foam is proven to give flowers even a longer life than if they were sitting in plain water!

The tilted head is designed especially for larger cascade styled bouquets.  This allows the bride to hold the bouquet comfortably in her hand while the head of the flowers face out in the right direction.

Notice the deep sides.  This allows for a lot of lateral insertion of stems, giving the bouquet a more 3 dimensional look rather than a "flat" look from the sides.  This is important as she walks down the aisle, as most guests see the flowers from the side.

There is a water reservoir built in under the foam.  Rest your bouquet facing up after designing in a vase, water the foam and the reservoir will keep the foam wet longer.

Before now, the largest bouquet holder was the Belle style.  You can see that the Luxe is bigger and gives more area for larger stemmed flowers.

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