Bridal Bouquet

Hand Tied Flower Tutorials

Your hand tied bridal bouquet begins by preparing your roses.  Be sure to clean off your stems, either by using a thorn stripper or your knife.

I like to wire my roses, pushing a 26 gauge floral wire up into the bulb of the rose and then gently winding it down the stem.  Cut off the about halfway down and then bend the cut end of the wire upward so there are no sharp edges to cut anyone's hand when they hold the bouquet.

Bind It tape comes wound on a spool with the tape attached to a clear plastic strip.  This isn't really like adhesive tape . . . it pretty much sticks to itself - not other things. 

Be very careful NOT to touch the tape to itself, because it binds instantly.

I like to prepare strips of cut Bind It tape ahead of time and lay them on a table ready to pick up when I need them.

I then lay one end the tape against the bouquet stems and peel off the protective layer, pulling the tape so it stretches tightly around the stems.

You'll see in later photos how this is done.

For now, cut some fairly short pieces about 2" long and have them lightly resting on a table, ready to grab one when you need it.

I also precut some of my greenery.  For this hand tied bouquet I'm using myrtle, tree fern and leather leaf fern.

Precut your myrtle to about 9" to 12" inches and strip the leaves off the lower half  of each stem.

Take advatange of the natural curve of your greenery to compliment the roses.  The greenery should curve out, away from the flower head and begin the natural design of rounding out the bouquet.

I choose my first rose to be the center focal of the bouquet.  Lay the myrtle stem against the rose stem and tape into place with the Bind It. 

Peel off the protective plastic layer.

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