Bridal Bouquet Design

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Basic bridal bouquet design is several distinct shapes and style. Although the flowers, ribbons, color and accessories may change . . most designs fall into different catagories.

I always suggest during a bridal consultation that the bride look at ALL the bouquets . . .not just the ones that fall into her color scheme. Arrangements can be easily adapted to most any color or flower preference. Don't limit yourself to looking just at the pink wedding flowers because that is your main color!

Cascading Wedding Designs

Cascading bouquets have a long, trailing string of flowers. This is a very traditional design, especially when created with all white flowers.

Arm Bouquet

The arm bouquet is in a natural curve, intended to be held in the crook of the arm. These bouquets should be carried naturally, when the elbow casually bent and the hand resting at the natural waistline.

Scepter Bridal Bouquet

The scepter wedding bouquet takes it's cue from the long handled ornamentation carried by nobility. This long tailed bridal bouquet design is making a comeback with a twist.

These newer bouquets are being finished with long grasses, bouquet jewelry and other unique finishes.

Freestyle Wedding Bouquet

The freestyle has a looser shape and feel. This style is very well suited to popular wildflower bouquets, because the design is more imitative of nature.

Hand Tied Wedding Flowers

What is commonly referred to as a hand-tied used to be called a clutch. Created without a holder, the flowers are gathered together and their own stems are tied - thus serving as a natural handle.

Biedermeier Flowers

Biedermeier are typically round, with definite circles of varying flower varieties. These lovely flowers can also be created as wedding centerpieces, cake tops and other decorations.

Nosegay or Tussie Mussie

A nosegay tends to be on the smaller side and is carried by bridesmaids or flower girls. A tussy mussy is a rather tightly packed nosegay of fragrant flowers and traditionally carried in a silver holder. This is because it is reminiscent of Victorian times when ladies carried small flower posies in these type of delicate holders.

Round Florals

Round styles are circular in shape and can range from very small to quite large. As the flowers are designed, the heads of the flowers should be straight on in the center and gradually tilting their heads outward as the bouquet grows.

Therefore a soft "dome" shape is visible when viewed from the sides.

Crescent Bouquet

Whether a partial crescent or a full crescent, you will see a definite "U" shape in this style of bridal bouquet design.

Pomander or Kissing Ball

A pomander is a dainty ball shaped bouquet of flowers. These lovely bouquets are being used not only in the wedding ceremony, but as decorations to hang on pew chair, from the ceiling and as a substitute for a flower girl basket.

All photos on this page courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved

Teardrop Wedding Flowers

The teardrop bouquet has a more definite shape than a traditional cascading bouquet.


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