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Use a Bravo wedding bouquet holder to make your own bridal bouquet. It's very easy to simulate hand tied bridal bouquets with this Oasis filled holder.

I would like to refer you to a newer bouquet holder named a Super Wet . It has a bigger head of foam AND a built in wick in the handle so that it can continue to draw water up just as if the flowers were in a vase of water. The added advantage is that the handle isn't as bulky and that makes it easier to carry. It is now my handle of choice for making a mock hand tied bouquet.

After cutting and treating your bulk wedding flowers, be sure to give them plenty of time to absorb water and open. When you are ready to create your bouquet, note that the stems are NOT pushed all the way through the wedding holder.

You cut the flower stems off short and insert the blossoms on the top and separately insert short pieces of the stems on the bottom.

Be sure to keep the Oasis wet right up to your wedding day. I made this bouquet pictured below from Leonadis roses in a Bravo wedding bouquet holder.

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You can ribbon wrap the bouquet handle as shown above, but it is easier to use a wrap made especially for the Bravo bouquet holder. I have found it's easiest to fasten the bouquet wrap with double sided tape or corsage pins.

The bouquet featured above also has an unusual wire collar by Lomey. It comes in copper, gold or silver colored wire.

There are many creative ways to use the Bravo holder, including chair decorations.

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