Bravo Bouquet Holders

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Bravo bouquet holders are filled with quality OASIS® floral foam and used to simulate a "hand tied" look while still providing the flowers with water though out your wedding day.

I must say, however, that since the SuperWet bouquet holder hit the market - I prefer them to the Bravo Holder. They make a lovely Mock Hand Tied with the added bonus of having a self-watering wick built into the handle. These means you can make the bouquet in advance and simply stick it in a vase of water. The Bravo holders below don't have as much foam and are harder to use in creating a "round" effect.

After soaking this wedding bouquet holder in water treated with flower food, you simply cut and insert your flowers from the top. Then cut the stems to length and insert in the bottom.

You can find a more detailed tutorial for this hand tied rose bouquet . I wrap the handle in double faced tape and surround the handle with cut stems. Secure with waterproof tape.

The handle is a size much easier to carry, plus you have the bonus of the self-wicking handle. Therefore you can design several days in advance and still have a very fresh bouquet!

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