Boutonnieres Flower Tutorial

Wiring a Daisy

I love the perfect look of daisies.  They are wonderful for corsage and boutonniere work because they are enduring and last long even without a water source.

I'm going to take advantage of the natural curve the the flower stems.  Boutonnieres are flowers that are pinned to a lapel, so the flower head needs to curve outward so the flower face shows.

I am going to wire the flower so that it strengthens the head.  Nothing is more annoying than to have a flower head snap off while you are designing.

Lay a 26 gauge wire against the flower stem and push the point up into the head

Then wrap the wire down the stem.  If you wish, you can push the wire up thru the flower center and create a hook that you pull back down into the flower center.

Tape down over the wire down the flower stem.  Pull the tape as you go, so it stretches and adheres to itself.

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