Boutonnieres Flower Tutorial

Using Salal Leaves

Salal leaves are a marvelous choice for using in wedding flower designs.  The perfect traditional leaf shape is great for bouquet collars, church florals, and reception centerpieces.

You can see a single grower's bunch has a generous amount of leaves.  One stem can do two boutonnieres or a corsage.  One bunch is enough to accent a two or three bouquets and do 10 boutonnieres and several corsages.

Many wholesale sites, however, insist on their DIY brides buying ten bunches or more of a single green variety.  What if you don't want to spend a $100 to have a few different leaf types to do some boutonnieres and corsages?

This is a little overwhelming - especially if you aren't really planning on doing a roomful of centerpieces and church florals.  You may only need one or two bunches.  

It gets even more out of reach if you would like to mix different green varieties.  This boutonniere alone has a couple of salal leaves, Israeli Ruscus and a few leather leaf fronds.  That's what makes it look special.   If you have to buy thirty bunches of greens just to do a few corsages, boutonnieres and 4 bouquets . . . you are going to blow your flower budget on greenery alone!

Buy in single bunches.  This way you can buy a mix of leather leaf, salal, throw in some plumosa and maybe even a few galax leaves . . . and still have plenty of money left over to buy your different flower varieties and the products you need to process them correctly and keep everything fresh through your wedding day.

Be smart.  Research buying wholesale flowers online and make sure you order only what you need by using a Wedding Flower Calculator.  I may not claim to give "free shipping" . . . but I don't force my customers to overbuy on cases of greens and flowers.  Buy what you need and you'll keep that flower budget in check and actually save money while doing your own wedding flowers.

Salal tips are attached to the center stem and twist and turn slightly.

I spray all my fresh greenery with a leaf polish such as Leafshine.  It seals the leaves and keeps them fresh much longer (especially if you don't have the advantage of keeping your designs in a professional florist cooler in the days before the wedding).

I have smaller cans available that usually has plenty for a single average wedding.

Use the spray for greens only.  Fresh flowers need a sealant such as Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.

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