Boutonnieres Flower Tutorial

Folding and Wiring Salal Leaves

Let's get a little creative with our salal (lemon) leaf.  I love the look just the way it is, but am going to add a little more interest with folding the leaf so it has some pleating to it.

Take off the bottom stem and fold the leaf into a fan pleat.

Don't be afraid to crease the edges to make the pleat stand out.

Press tightly between your forefinger and thumb.

This is how the leaf will look.

Now piece the bottom with a 26 gauge wire, pushing thru the bottom and thru the pleated part.

Give a quick wrap and bend down the wires to form a new stem.

Be careful not to tug too hard and tear the leaf apart.

Tape with floral tape right over the leaf at the bottom.

Here is the finished leaf, complete with an interesting wave.  These get much faster once you get the hang of it.

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