Boutonnieres Flower Tutorial

Adding Leather Leaf

Buying leather leaf in single bunches has it's advantages.  Ten bunches is a full case and is a lot of greenery.  One bunch can do a lot of design.  It only takes about four stems to green in an average bridal bouquet, leaving plenty to accent corsages and boutonnieres.

One leaf has several perfect fronds coming off the main stem.  Cut these fronds off to add to boutonnieres.

You may have to strip off the bottom leaf or two so you have a little stem to tape.

I tucked a small piece of leather leaf into the right side of this boutonniere, right in front of the last salal leaf I just taped into place.

Using a second leather leaf frond, I'm going to add another piece to the left side of the boutonniere.

Lay the front against the side of the boutonniere.

Tape into place, cupping the greenery under the bottom flower head.

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