Boutonniere Pixie Pins

Short boutonniere pixie pins are for accenting - not pinning the bout to the tux. These tiny pearl pins are showing up on everything from boutonnieres to bridal bouquet handles.

Dip them in floral adhesive before inserting into the stem so they stay securely in the design.

You'll find dozens of ways to use these handy little pins. As always, be careful the sharp point is not sticking out anywhere that it can scratch a hand or snag a beautiful wedding gown.

Professional florists used to have to snip the ends of steel pins in order to use them as part of the design (such as center of flower heads as shown below). Believe me - those pins are TOUGH to cut!

Mix and match colors to coordinate with most any wedding theme.

The are approximately 1 1/2" long and come in ten beautiful colors, including blue, red, orange,champagne, green, silver, pink, purple and traditional black and white.

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