Boutonniere Metallic Wire

Metallic wire is a great boutonniere accessory. It can be looped, wound around ribbon, curled and used in so many other decorative ways.

Choose a contrasting wire color from a ribbon wrap stem to give extra eye candy appeal.

Wind the metallic wire tightly from top to bottom of the boutonniere and then gently bend into a curvy shape.

You can even create a complete wire stem by holding several strands of the wire together and twisting tightly. Decorative loops frame a single rose turning it into a spectacular boutonniere.

Here's another simply wire wrap with a single Pixie Pin accent.

Wrap fresh leaves around the taped stems and then secure with separated windings of a contrast color.

Metallic wire is available in 12 colors, including gold, silver, copper, apple green, strong pink, purple, red, blue, black pink, turquoise, and brown.

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