Boutonniere Instructions

Now lets have some fun with this boutonniere by adding some decorative colored wire.  Skinny wire comes in 10 great colors to match or accessorize your own wedding palette. 

It's fun to add color and shine to both boutonnieres and corsages with this great product.  Begin in the back by piercing the cut end into the back of the boutonniere and burying it into the design.

Wrap the wire around the boutonniere several times.

This wire is meant to be seen and not concealed.  It is part of the decorative design of the boutonniere.

Wrap down the stem carefully, creating an unbroken wrap of color.

Wrap down far enough that the wire can be seen under the flower heads.

The design is nearly complete, but I'm going to add one more look with the wire by making wide loops and adding them to the left side of the boutonniere.

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