Boutonniere Flowers

I spray my boutonniere flowers with a flower sealant called Finishing Touch.  This seals the petals against moisture loss and helps extend the life of the flowers.

This is especially important for flowers (such as corsages and boutonnieres) that are stored in a kitchen refrigerator.  Florist coolers put humidity INTO the room - regular refrigerators REMOVE the humidity.  The flower sealant helps protect against this problem. 

It's not a bad idea to gently lay a film of plastic wrap over your flower heads when they are stored in your refrigerator before the wedding day.

The finished boutonniere is monochromatic, meaning that all the elements of the design are of a similar color or hue.  Despite being all green, the boutonniere has a lot of interesting components with different textures and design accessories.

See how all three flower heads face in different directions, making the lapel posy beautiful from all sides.

The diamante pins adds the final touch of pure elegance and come in clear, pink, red, light blue and apple green.

The finished look is dramatic and stylish.  If you want a smaller boutonniere, simply eliminate one of the flower heads.  You can experiment by using different colors to create a look unique to your own wedding palette.

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