Boutonniere Flower Picks

Boutonniere flower picks provide a water source for those thirsty blooms. As a professional florist, I am all about providing a water for fresh flowers whenever I can!

These picks are easy to use. Simply soak them until saturated in water that has had a flower preservative added to it.

Cut the flower stem off to about one inch or less. Pierce the stem (high up near the bloom) with a straight wire. Before bending those wires, push the saturated flower pick deep into the stem of the flower.

The wet cotton batting should be firmly against the cut edge of the flower stem. This allows the flower to draw the moister up out of the batting and into the flower head.

Bend the straight wire down so it is on each side of the flower pick.

Tape as usual with floral tape (you may want to check out the new BindIt tape by Oasis. It's AWESOME!)

These picks can make the stem work a little more bulky - but it is worth it if you want to do your corsages or boutonnieres in advance. Otherwise I recommend that you don't do your cut flower work any sooner than the day before the wedding.

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