Boutonniere Flower Tutorial

Double Daisy with Pearls

Learn how to make a boutonniere like a professional florist!  I have step by step tutorials  that outline techniques that can be used for any flower variety.  

The key to floral design is paying attention to details.  Skip the cheesy big bows (a no-no for bouts) and learn how to be creative with fresh greenery and unusual creative accents.  

Why do professionals charge so much for boutonnieres and corsages?  It's because their designs look "different" than simply taping a rose and pinning it to a tux.  They mix in different textures by using leaves from a variety of different greens.  They wrap the stems with ribbon or add colored wire accents.  Making special designs takes a little more effort - but it is worth it in the end.

Even simple daisies can look awesome when you pay attentions to the details.  You can do it yourself WITHOUT spending the big bucks!

For this design, you will need the following products:

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