Bouquet Toss Wedding Songs

Here are some wedding songs fun for the bouquet toss. Whether you want to go romantic or go with a golden oldies rockin' classic, your "eligible ladies" will have a blast diving for that bouquet.

It is really advisable to have the DJ take charge before you toss that bouquet. If you have some guests who are really serious about grabbing that nosegay, then be sure to make it for eighteen on up. Some little girls have been known to be flattened under some over enthusiastic bridesmaids!

Since catching the bouquet is symbolic of being the next to marry, how about some of these numbers?

Man of My Dreams - Sara Conner

Dreaming of you - Selena

Going to the Chapel - The Dixie Cups

"Marry for Money" - Trace Adkins

Don't forget the guys! A lighthearted favorite for catching the garter is this number by Trace Adkins! Invite the "catchees" of both the toss bouquet and the garter to take a turn around the dance floor to this number. Have the DJ encourage all the other singles to join them on the dance floor after a few minutes.

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