Bouquet Questions

Here are some of the more frequent questions about wedding bouquets that you see on my site.

I need a Wedding Bouquet Quote

I get requests like this from all around the world. Unfortunately, my price quotes aren't going to be accurate for YOUR area. If you wish a quote, take a copy of the bouquet you like and take it to a local wedding florist. The quote will be much more accurate.

Can You Make My Wedding Bouquet?

Although I would love to personally do everyone's wedding flowers, I just can't. I have retired from the flower shop and now just maintain this site - answering questions on how YOU can make your own bridal bouquet.

Can I Copy a Bouquet Picture from Your Site?

Certainly - if you are a bride and are using the picture for yourself. Simply right click with your mouse, choose "copy image" and paste it into a program on your computer, such as a photo editing or Word program.

Brides are welcome to take copies of photos to social websites or a Bridal Blog - as long as a valid link to my website is visible near the picture and credit is made.

You CANNOT copy pictures and paste into a website for personal gain. If you have a wedding site and show Google Ads - this applies. This is a violation of copyright laws and is not permitted.

Did You Make All the Bouquets on Your Site?

No - although many of the photos are my personal design, I have also included professional photos so that you would have hundreds of photo ideas to browse.

Where Can I Buy . . . . ?

I carry many of the products used to design bouquets in my Wedding Supply Store. Here are some more common products:

I Need Information about a Specific Bouquet I Saw on Your Site!

If you need info like how many flowers are in a bouquet, or what a specific variety is, drop me a line below. Please be sure to include the URL of the page that you saw the picture on (copy from your browser window) and a description of which bouquet you are referring to.

There are thousands of pictures on my site and it's hard to track down which one you are asking about without specifics.

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