Large Bouquet Pearls

Bouquet pearls are a lot more than the simple loops you saw in 1970's bouquets. Now they come in a large range of colors and are wired. You can loop them, cluster them, wrap them around handles and use as accents in corsage and boutonniere work.

The pearls pictured on this page are made by Oasis and called Mega Beads. This was a new product made after following the huge success of their smaller version of Oasis Beaded Wire.

The pearls are assorted sized and strung on a dainty mallable wire. Thus you can easily twist or wrap it to get the look you want.

You can see how much fun and style these wired pearls add to a modern bridal bouquet! They add colorful design interest that really makes the bouquet unique.

You can incorporate mega beads into all your wedding flowers, including stunning centerpiece designs!

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