Bouquet Holder Tutorial

Easy Wedding Flower Design Instructions

This bouquet holder tutorial shows how to create a gorgeous handle for your fresh or silk wedding bouquets. A list of needed supplies is on the first instruction page.

1. Customize Wire Bouquet Collar

Begin by customizing a wire bouquet collar by Lomey with two different colors of decorative wire.

2. Create the Bouquet Holder Handle

Create a wire twist handle by braiding two different colors of Lomey decorative wire.

3. Attach the Bouquet Holder Handle

Fasten this braided bouquet holder handle to the collar with needle nose pliers.

4. Attach the Florist Foam to the Holder

Attach a cage of florist foam to the bouquet holder using matching Oasis metallic wire.

5. Add Bouquet Jewelry

Add a special touch with colored pearls strung on a flexible wire. Lomey Beaded wire is a wonderful addition to any bouquet as flower jewelry.

6. Soak Bouquet Holder in Water

Treat your foam correctly by soaking in water treated with professional flower food. Don't skip this important step, as it makes the flowers last longer.

7. Flower this Bouquet Holder

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