Bouquet Holder Table Clamp

This bouquet holder table clamp can handle even the largest hand-tied wedding bouquets! It comes with three different attachments, so it handles almost any kind of bouquet holder.

Long ago the only clamps available were made of metal and it had a very small opening - large enough for only a Belle Bouquet Holder.

This newer clamp is lightweight and has different attachments for different styles of bouquets.

This white clamp screws directly to your table edge, creating a ready made holder that safely displays your bridal bouquets at the reception hall. Now you can make your bouquets do double duty - using them both for the wedding ceremony AND decorating your bridal table!

There is also a convenient slot on the bottom of the clamp that you can slip hanging garlands, tulle, bows and more for easy decorating.

I caution you to take care when attaching these clamps to tables. An overenthusiatic "helper" broke a holder once when trying to help me setup for a wedding. He simply kept screwing it trying to get it really tight.

Lightly tighten to secure - but don't let those big guys keep screwing the clamp so hard that they snap the top part off!

Take a look at your tables before ordering. These work on most every table I've ever decorated EXCEPT a really wide ledge Rubbermaid table. Make sure the table edge isn't more than about 2" to 2 1/2" inches thick.

Now you can have that same "professional look" and have a lovely place to display your own bouquets and that of your attendants when enjoying your reception.

These clamps can work on tables and ledges at your church location as well.

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