Bouquet Holder Handle

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This bouquet holder handle made out of decorative wire by Lomey is just one of many beautiful ways you can use this wonderful product in your wedding. The first part of this tutorial showed how to mesh coiled wired into a colored wire bouquet collar, blending in two colors instead of one. This twisted handle will fasten onto that collar, creating a beautiful framework of wire for your bride bouquet (or attendant bouquets) to rest on.

Cut at least 30" of each color of wire and begin to twist the two colors together. Keep a fairly light twist, or you may find it hard to keep the twist pattern consistent.

When finished, you should have a nice, two-toned twise as shown.

Double the twisted wire in half. You now will have a loop at one end and the cut ends of the twisted wire on the other end.

Lightly twist the doubled wire together again, leaving an open loop at the bottom of the bouquet holder handle.

Since the finished handle should measure around 7 inches, you should be able to double the wire AGAIN.

This twice-doubled wire has a total of four twisted strands, giving it the strength to holder a full bouquet of flowers without feeling flimsy.

Twist the doubled wire together again, now with two open loops at the bottom and a single loop at the top (where the red arrow is pointing).

Cut the loop open at the top of the holder, separating the strands of wire into single wires once more. Twist some of these cut wires around the top of the holder.

Leave some cut wires as shown. These wires will be twisted up into the bouquet holder collar, fastening the handle to the collar.

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