Bouquet Holder Foam

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You must now attach the bouquet holder foam to the wire holder that you made with an Oasis Wire Collar and colored decorative wire.

This is a flat-backed cage that normally clips onto a pew clip. You can also use an Oasis Iglu , which has special side tabs that make it a little easier to wire to the bouquet holder.

Push the foam cage against the wire collar to flatten the wire somewhat and make it easier to get a tight fit.

I attached the cage with Oasis Metallic Wire that matches the colors used in the bouquet holder. You can use the rest of this spool for decorative accents on boutonnieres and corsages.

Thread the wire onto the cage through the side.

Do this on three sides, so you can fasten the cage to the holder.

After threading all three wires down through the center of the bouquet collar, twist them tightly together with needle nose pliers. The foam must fit tightly against the collar so that the foam doesn't flop around.

Be very careful to coil all cut wire ends up and tucked into the wire collar, so nothing can snag wedding or bridesmaid gowns later.

After the foam is securely fastened, push down on the wire collar so that it molds itself around the foam cage.

Your custom wire bouquet holder is now ready to soak in water treated with flower food and begin designing!

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