Bouquet Designs for Weddings

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All bouquet designs for weddings fall into a category of different styles. See examples below of the design that you like the best. Most designs can be adapted to fit your color scheme, favorite flowers and more. Don't feel limited by just looking at blue wedding flowers. Look at all types of bouquet designs and decide how YOUR favorite flowers can be incorporated into that particular style!

Basic Round

Round bouquets can be large or small, hand-held or designed on a foam bouquet holder.

Assymetrical or Free Style

Much more casual than the round bouquet, the freestyle may have a more free flowing look, rather than a crisp round or cascading bouquet. Don't worry about "equal" sides - rather let the design begin to have a shape of it's own following the natural curve of the flowers themselves.

Biedermeier Bouquet

A Beidermeier is a classic European style bouquet that is usually round, and graduating similar flowers around in a circular pattern. It is very symmetrical and precise on the flower placement.

Flower on a Muff

Popular for both Christmas and winter weddings, flowers can be glues or pinned onto a hand muff for an unusual looking bridal display. Carry it by tucking your hands into the muff when going down the aisle. It is especially lovely for outdoor winter shots, where your hands can stay warm at the same time!

Purse Bouquets

For the brides are preferring to keep their hands free or unwilling to cover up any of their beautiful gowns, a cluster of flowers on a purse may be the answer. This works beautifully for mother of the bride flowers and bridesmaids as well.

Traditional Cascade

A cascade is anything with a waterfall of flowers coming out of the bottom. You must be sure these flowers are glued in securely with flower adhesive or wired to prevent them from slipping out of the bouquet holder.

Composite Bouquets

Gluing additional layers of petals to create one giant bloom is known as composite bouquets. It is popular to use this technique with roses and gladiolus. You must take care to seal the petals with a flower sealant and use only flower adhesive. Other glues may damage the petals and wilt them.

This bouquet does take some extra design skill.

Crescent Shaped Flowers

Whether symmetrical or not, crescent bouquets have a definite curve to the flowers. This curve comes from the sides rather than down the center, making it different from the cascade bouquets.

Fan Shaped

Old fashioned bouquet designs for weddings can be updated for a more modern look. It used to be popular years ago to create a nosegay of flowers on an open fan. Designers take it to a new level today with using the flowers themselves to create the illusion of a fan!

Heart Shaped Bouquet

You can create a heart shaped bouquet on a bouquet holder, but it is easier on a pre-shaped Oasis block. You must be sure to keep it small, however, because wet Oasis is heavy to carry if you get it too large.

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There are so many more bouquet designs for weddings that you can explore my other pages for. Arm bouquets, pomander, teardrop and hand-tied bouquets are discussed in length on other pages and I have plenty of pictures to see.

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