Cascading Bouquet Design

Wedding Flowers that You Make Yourself!

Green in your bouquet design first, then choose wedding flowers to create your look and feel for YOUR special day! The floral designs are basic - but the flower choices you make is what makes it come alive! You've already learned how to green in a cascading bridal bouquet. Now let's begin having fun with the flowers!

Before inserting my first flower, I added a couple clusters of hypericum berries. They are very interesting and come in white, green and red. (See circled in red.)

I then added four Blue Curioso roses. Take special note of how the heads of the flowers are facing in different directions. You want your bouquet to be beautiful from all sides - not just from the front.

Now add two more roses to your right. Be sure the heads are facing directly out from the sides.

I placed contrasting roses on the other side. Notice I didn't place them "perfectly even". You bouquet will look more natural if everything doesn't line up perfectly.

I added another longer rose on the top, and one on the bottom. (See red circles). This gives a little more length to the cascade.

To bring a little more depth and contrast, I added a creamy rose with a pinkish tinge to the edges. See what a difference it makes!

I then added more pink to the bouquet by adding in snapdragons. These flowers are hardy, hold up well and do well for outside weddings. The stems are hollow, so be sure to insert them only once into the bouquet.

Snapdragons have a very similar look as Sweet Peas - but hold up much better and are less likely to shatter. (They also don't cost as much!!)

See by the red circles where I added the snapdragons.

Fill in any holes or open spaces in your bouquet design with more snapdragons or roses. It is good when you are finished to dab in some flower glue around the stems where inserted into the Oasis. (Just use a tighly rolled cotton swab). This is good especially for the stems cascading out of the bottom.

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