Blue Wedding Flowers

Looking for pictures of Blue Wedding Flowers? You've come to the right site! Although there are some rose varieties with the word "blue" in their name - don't be disappointed if you see colors that look more lavender or violet.

Roses don't grown naturally that are royal blue, but you can buy dyed Holland roses.

There are special tints and dyes that florists also use to turn flowers into a blue color.

Here are a lot of products you can incorporate into your bouquets and centerpieces that will truly make your bridal flowers unique!


This florist supply product is so much fun to use and design with. It is easy enough for even a DIY bride to get awesome results with little effort. RAINBOW Foam by OASIS® comes in bricks and in a powder form. You can use it to create all kinds of creative designing that will bring your in wedding colors beautifully.

See how interesting the centerpieces and vases look when made using the colored blocks cut into cubes.

Clear vases showing the powder foam is very cool! The coiled wire you see coming down the side of the vase is another florist supply product called OASIS™ Decorative Aluminum Wire. It comes in a lot of great colors and there is so much you can do with it.

These designs are sooooo simple . . but very cool with a product called OASIS™ Sisal. It is very fine wire that you scrunch up, put down in the vase and stick your flowers in. Don't they look wonderful? Look close and see the blue pearl headed pins accenting the flowers. These are hydrangeas - but you can achieve the same look with roses, carnations, and other flowers.

Here are a few more blue wedding flower designs to get your imagination rolling.

Using a container or bowl in a strong blue is a great look with other hot colors nestled in the bowl.

Cut the foam into interesting shapes or wedges and accent with another color.

White and Blue Wedding Flowers

Here is a cascading wedding bouquet with bright blue delphinium.

Blue Rose Wedding Bouquet - Cool Water Roses

The variety of rose in the bouquet pictured below is called "Cool Water". It probably has more true blue tones than any other rose. This is the color of roses you will get if you ask for a blue rose. As pictured, it comes in a violet color with blue tones.

Blue Rose Wedding Bouquet

Blue rose wedding bouquets have a strong lavender look to them. They are breathtaking when surrounded by a wire collar and accented with purple lisianthus, lavender alstroemeria, or lavender freesia!

Delphinium with White Stephanotis

This fragrant bouquet will look breathtaking against your wedding gown - and still pick up your color theme.

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