Blue Wedding Cakes

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Blue wedding cakes come in many different tints and shades. Be sure to take your cake baker a swatch of fabric to match. Do not trust the colors you print from a computer screen or in a magazine.

Lovely tiers alternating in white and blue are dotted with fondant daisies in the photo below.

Here's another daisy themed cake, except the layers are in pure white. See what a different of color there is between the two cakes!

Dainty dotted swiss on this stacked cake plus a delicate gum paste clusters of apple blossoms.

This gorgeous blue and chocolate cake is absolutely elegant in every way! Silk flowers adorn the cake while a smooth satin ribbon is banded around each layer.

Blue delphinium winds itself down and around the tiers of this gorgeous cake. Delphinium also comes in a pale blue color as well.

Photos courtesy Wilton and others. All rights reserved.

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