Bird Cage Card Holder

This dainty bird cage card holder will keep your cash gifts safe and all together. Decorate with curly ribbon, tulle puffs, satin bows or flower corsages to bring in the flavor and hues of your own colors.

An added word of warning . . . if you are holding your reception in a room that is accessible by non guests (hotel employees, guests or workers) be sure to place your card box in an area that is not near a door or exit. Some wedding couples have found to their dismay that their cash gifts and cards mysteriously disappear during the fun and mayhem of the wedding reception. Unscrupulous people like to drift in among invited guests and covertly make off with your cash!

It may be a wise move to put someone in charge of emptying the card holder after all the guests have arrived and placing it in a secure place until the reception is over.

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