Bells of Ireland

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Bells of Ireland add a lot of visual interest to this bridal bouquet design. You will need the following supplies to create this bouquet:

1 Grand Belle Bouquet Holder
4-5 stems Bells of Ireland
5 Standard Jade Green Roses
3 Miniature Calla LiliesM
1 stem White Waxflower
7 stems Sword Fern
6-8 Blades of Bear Grass
5 Green Button Mums
Cowee Picks
Finishing Touch
Miniature Cross Ornament

Begin by securing a bouquet holder in a vase weighted down with rock or marbles. You can also wedge a block of florist foam in the neck of the vase and insert the handle of the bouquet holder down in it.

Although I started with a Grande Belle Bouquet Holder for this bouquet, I now prefer the SuperWet holder since it has a hollow handle with a built-in wick. You can remove the lower cap after designing and place the holder in a vase of water. It will wick up water and keep the foam wet, keeping the flowers fresh.

This added bonus is extremely helpful to DIY brides who need to create their bouquets a day or two in advance.

Bells of Ireland tend to have interesting curves to their stems, so use that to advantage when creating your outer framework of greenery for your bouquet.

After beginning with a tall curved piece on the top, I began to cut the greenery between it's joints of bell clusters and creating a circle about the bouquet holder.

Remember that the length of the greenery will in effect determine the size of your bouquet. Your flowers normally would extend slightly beyond the greenery, but in the case of this design the greenery is just as much a focus as the flowers will be.

I continue to fill in the stems on the right side of the bouquet. You can now see a clearly defined graceful cascade and framework around the center of the foam.

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