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The Belle wedding bouquet holder by Oasis is a standard favorite holder of professional florists. I actually prefer the newer SuperWet Holder, because it features a hollow handle with a built in water wick. You can design it early, remove the cap and pop into a vase of water and not have to worry about it again.

The Grande Belle holder does have a large head block of Oasis foam, therefore it creates a big water source for the flowers. Flowers DO suck up a lot of water fast. If you make your bouquet a couple of days ahead of time and use a Belle Holder, it's important to keep re-watering the Oasis foam each day.

This Belle holder comes in two styles -straight handle and slanted handle - and in three different sizes. I recommend the straight handle for round bouquets and slanted for cascades.

Use the smaller sizes for small bouquets or tussie-mussies. I would always recommend the large Grande holder for larger bridal florals and bridesmaid bouquets.

If you look on the back of the Belle bouquet holder, you will see slots where the green Oasis shows through. This is so you can finish the bouquet on the underside with greenery or silk leaves.

Belle Wedding Bouquet Stand

There is a stand made especially for designing with the Belle bouquet holders. It is a chrome finish and can hold a heavy bouquet. You can also use it at the wedding reception to safety display your bridal bouquet without laying it on the table.

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