Belle Bouquet Holders

Wedding Belle bouquet holders are an excellent choice to use for your fresh bridal bouquet. The Grande has a rounded cage that holds a generous 3 5/8" diameter of OASIS® Floral Foam. There are two other sizes, Large (2 3/4" diameter) and Medium (2 1/4" diameter).

You can choose a straight handle (recommended for round bouquets) or a slanted handle (recommended for cascading bouquets.)

I wanted to show the three sizes side by side, so you can see how much larger the Grande is. For the price difference, I always use a Grande - even for smaller bridesmaid's bouquets. Remember that the foam is the life of the flowers - the more stems you put in, the more the bouquet sucks the foam dry. Therefore . . . more foam equals a longer flower life. That's important to me when I make wedding bouquets!

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