Beaded Bracelets for Flower Corsages

Beaded bracelets for attaching flower corsages have always been popular. In fact, this classic design by Fitz has been a best seller for years.

It's ageless, however, as you can see how the flowers can take on a whole new look! This is NOT your mother's prom corsage! There is a whole range of flower accessories that can add sparkle and zest to every flower variety.

It comes in the basic standard colors, including white, sterling silver (that's a color . . not precious metal), 14 K gold, iridescent, and champagne.

The grace and elegance of this simple design makes this beaded flower bracelet ageless.

Want a little color shine added? Be sure to check out the color "Ice" in the store. It sparkles with hues of pink, violet, mint green and separated by tiny licorice colored beads.

This versatile bracelet can be used as napkin rings, votive candle decor or around the neck of flower vases!

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