Beaded Bouquet Holder

Wedding Flower Tutorials

This beaded bouquet holder tutorial began with customizing a wire collar with two different colors of Oasis Decorative Wire, making a braided handle with the same wire, then attaching the handle with needlenose pliers.

You then must add bouquet foam to the center of the holder with Oasis metallic wire.

The final step is to add a decorative pearl edge with Oasis Beaded Wire.

I kept the loops even around the edge of the wire collar. The wire is easy to attach - simply twist one of the pearl beads around a loop of wire from the collar.

Continue all around the collar. I was generous with my loops, since I want the beaded wire to peek out from behind the flower heads and show.

Once completely around, twist two of the pearls together, finishing the wire on the collar.

Here is a side view so you can see how the holder looks from a different view.

Your bouquet holder is now ready to use. The next step will be to soak the bouquet holder in water treated with flower food and then add your flowers.

Starting with a new strand, I then twisted a string of pearls down the handle, around the open loop at the bottom and back up. Finish by twisting the pearls together. Be SURE that there are no loose wires to snag fine materials on wedding gowns or bridesmaid dresses!

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