Beach Wedding Flowers

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Beach wedding flowers add so much to your lovely setting. Choose flowers that can stand up to warm tropical temperatures, wind and other elements.

If this is a destination event, be sure to contact your venue site and ask for their recommendations on florists in the area. Check out their websites. If they don't have one, call and ask them to e-mail you pictures of florals they have done on the beach.

Blend your Wedding Flowers
with Natural Setting

When choosing your wedding venue, look around carefully. Where will the ceremony be held? Do they have trees, gazebos or anything else that you can attach flowers or other decorations to?

As you can see below, the palms trees offered a lovely opportunity to incorporate flowers and wedding colors. The bride chose to attach long white sashes between two trees and made a beautiful setting with large arrangements on each tree.

Beach Wedding Arches

If you don't have natural settings, you can create your own with a decorated arch. Decorated with flowers, palm branches or other greens, your seashore wedding can have a breathtaking backdrop of the water during your ceremony.

Look closely at the picture of the beach decorations below. You can see that the bride created her aisle dimensions with a trail of shells.

You can also designate your aisle with potted plants, ferns, flowers attached to your chairs or on free standing posts driven into the sand as below.

This bride woven greenery in and out of an arched wire trellis, creating a 3-dimensional beach arch.

Using zip ties can quickly lock the flowers into place and then are easily removed by snipping with a pair of wire cutters.

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